Amazon Review By Rob Ralston on December 31, 2014 

Most kids outgrow that "why" phase, but some of us pour water and fertilizer all over that curiosity and let it grow wild. This curiosity leaves us bored silly with most tourist guide books, little more than maps and history regurgitated.

Thank goodness for Scott Cook and Aimee Wade! They've explored Portland and asked many of the questions you and I might, thus providing the story behind the story in PDXccentric's 203 pages.

In conversational tone they divulge fun and fascinating secrets of the city's "five quadrants," which they have broken down as follows:

Downtown Core - South: 12 entries
Downtown Core - North: 15 entries
Outer West Portland: 9 entries
North Portland: 11 entries
Eastside: 10 entries

The pages for each quadrant are marked with a handy colored "tab," making it easy to skip through to appropriate content when you're on that side of town. There is also a section devoted to eighty (!) films featuring Portland (Top 20 and 60 others), and a handy set of appendices.

For those wishing to dig deeper into any of the entries, the authors also have a web site devoted to the book with additional information.

Members of the James G. Blain Society will be horrified to find Pdxccentric boast of their city's wonders in all its overcast glory.

Visitors wishing to know the REAL Portland will find Pdxccentric a huge benefit. As a resident I found Pdxccentric inspirational - now I have to go back and enjoy


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